Anonymous: He's really cute and funny and respectful and smart and kind of a dork but not like a wow he's a freak dork but more like a wow he's a really cute cool dork 

Awww good for you ! Sounds amazing x
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when people have really nice clear faces i want punch myself 

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calum wins in the game of lips

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if you don’t think some of the hate Taylor Swift receives is unnecessary and sexist let me just remind you that she once wore a black turtle neck, jeans and boots and this was a result



scandalous wow cover your eyes

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"Once you’ve accepted your flaws no one can use them against you."
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When that one blogger that you admire a lot reblogs something from you and you r just like


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people who hate on flannel are not worth your time, you OWN that lumberjack look and chop down the haters

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ʷʰʸ      ʷʰʸ             ʷʰʸ

       ʷʰʸ            ʷʰʸ       ʷʰʸ      ʷʰʸ

   ʷʰʸ         jeans with fake pockets   ʷʰʸ

         ʷʰʸ            ʷʰʸ

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